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🟢 Open: COVID-19
Community Level - Low (Green)

March 11 – Update #1: Ames on MANDATORY Telework and Restricted Access

Agency leadership, Ames leadership team and Ames medical personnel continue to actively monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are taking appropriate action to protect and care for our NASA family. 

In response to an Ames employee testing positive for coronavirus, we have been tracing the employee’s activities in order to identify and notify individuals who may have had significant contact with that employee. We expect to notify all potentially affected employees by March 11. 

Ames Research Center remains on mandatory telework and restricted access through at least March 13.  

Additionally, all work-related travel is cancelled for the week of March 9, and future travel will be reviewed on an individual basis. 
Thank you for your commitment and dedication. The resiliency and strength of our community comes through the understanding, patience, and support we have with each other during this challenging period of time.