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🟢 Open: COVID-19
Community Level - Low (Green)

April 4 – Ames Moves to Stage 1

On Monday April 4, after receiving clearance from NASA Headquarters and successful completion of the Ames Readiness Review, our center moved to Stage 1 of the NASA Return to On-Site Framework allowing for an increase of up to 75% occupancy of personnel.

What to Expect at Stage 1
• Telework is encouraged for employees who can continue to accomplish their work remotely.
• Employees should notify and talk with their supervisors before reporting to onsite work to confirm site readiness and expectations upon arrival.
• Employees returning onsite for work must complete the COVID-19 Awareness Training. The COVID-19 training is in SATERN, searchable by course number ARC-003-08 title “COVID-19 and Returning to On-Site Work.” Employees that have taken the course previously do not need to take it again.
• Employees coming onsite will continue to follow all center and facility safety protocols and NASA Ames Face Mask Policies.
• The center will continue to follow the agency testing protocol when applicable in accordance with Safer Federal Workforce Testing.
• Badges will continue to be scanned when entering the center.
• Mark Gate remains open and will operate as the only entrance to Ames at this time.
• Visitors and interns are allowed onsite access in accordance with agency guidance and must follow Ames’ safety and health requirements.

Update to On-site Services Available at Stage 1

Cleaning Services
• Janitorial staff will continue pre-pandemic regular custodial services.
Daily: Cleaning of restrooms and showers
Once Per Week: Vacuuming and sweeping of entrance building mats; damp/wet mop hallways/stairs. Cleaning and disinfecting drinking fountains.
Three Times Per Week: Trash receptacles
Bi-Weekly (Every other week): Vacuuming all carpeted office areas. Damp wet mopping, re-stocking of soap and towel dispensers in laboratories, computers, and conferences rooms.
• For cleaning supply information talk to your supervisor.

Information Technology
• The Ames Information Technology Service Center is open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. PDT
• You may have trouble connecting your devices for the first time onsite and the Return to Site IT Guide is available to walk you through how to get your computer up to speed for your first day back on the center.
• If you need further assistance, make an appointment by opening a ticket with the Ames Information Technology Service Center at 650-604-2000 and/or the Enterprise Service Desk at 877-677-2123, select Option 2 when prompted.

Exchange Services
• Food truck services will be available outside of Building 3 soon. Food services at Space Bar and Mega Bites remain closed but may be re-established for future operating services.
• Keep an eye out for future centerwides with more information on food services.
• Ames Gift Shop is closed onsite but remains open online.

Fitness Center
• Will reopen for onsite access by reservation only. Look out for a future centerwide message with more information.
• Virtual participation will continue. Online class schedule remains the same.

Health Unit
• The health unit remains open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. PDT.
• At Stage 1 annual civil servant health exams can resume. Further information on how to schedule your health exams will be provided in a future centerwide message.

Mail, Shipping, and Receiving
• Under Stage 1, the logistics mail room will begin delivering mail to all mail stops around the center.
• All packages will still need to be picked up from the shipping/receiving warehouse. The warehouse will be open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. and no appointment or approval is needed. The mail and shipping area is located at the rear of building N255 through the green fence.
• Please be prepared to show your NASA badge.

For package pick-up, please bring the following: A tracking number, the date item was delivered, and/or mail stop. You must be the “addressee” of the package. If not, you must have written consent to pick-up a package for another employee. This will assist the mail and warehouse staff with locating your package quickly.

Onsite deliveries of packages can be arranged on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the logistics mail room staff.
If you have any questions regarding mail and package pick-up, you can email shipping and receiving or call 650-604-5614.

Childcare Center Services
• The childcare center is open with mitigation measures in place in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Santa Clara County Public Health Department Decision Tree guidelines.
• Contact Rhonda Baker by email or call 650-604-5631 for more information.

Shuttle Bus Services
• Effective Monday, April 4, the Ames Shuttle Bus will resume service to and from the CALTrain and Valley Transportation Authority Light Rail (VTA) stations.
• The bus service will operate Monday through Friday from 6:47 a.m. to 5:28 p.m., excluding all Federal holidays.
• Shuttle bus riders are required to show their government badge.
• Shuttle bus riders will be required to wear face masks before entering and while riding on the bus. Social distancing is still recommended and lowering windows can assist with airflow while riding.
• For any inquiries regarding the Ames Shuttle Bus please contact Stephen Perry, Ames Transportation Officer by email or phone at 650-604-5681.
• A detailed shuttle bus schedule and list of the Ames campus shuttle stops can be found by visiting the JS Logistics page on Inside Ames.

Maintaining the safest environment as possible at the center is a top priority to center leadership, and we will continue to remain vigilant and monitor regional trends. For COVID-19 Community Levels, visit Inside Ames or the CDC website. Continue to keep an eye out for future centerwide message updates.