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Dec. 7 – Ames Increase in Stage 3 Restrictions

Ames will temporarily decrease the number of employees working on-site, effective immediately until at least Jan.15, 2021, while remaining in Stage 3 of NASA’s Framework for the Return to On-Site Work.

This decision is based on increasing COVID-19 cases and decreasing hospital capacity in the surrounding communities, and the announcement that Santa Clara and other Bay Area counties have opted to implement the state’s regional stay-home order, closing all sectors other than retail and essential operations, effective as of Dec. 6.

All employees impacted by this change will be notified by their supervisors or project management. For those activities affected by this change, please work with your supervisors, or elevate to center leadership as needed, to address any major impacts to projects or mission schedules and milestones.

Also of note locally, Santa Clara County has implemented a nightly curfew and quarantine requirements for those traveling from locations more than 150 miles from the county. The Santa Clara County mandatory directive on travel was issued on Nov. 28, last revised Dec. 2 and went into effect Nov. 30. Santa Clara County is strongly discouraging long-distance travel, especially for non-essential purposes. This directive also provides guidance on mandatory quarantine requirements when traveling to Santa Clara County.

If duties require for you to travel solely for the purpose of performing essential governmental functions on behalf of NASA, civil servants do not need to quarantine following that travel. In addition, if applicable, civil servants may leave their home or a place of travel-related quarantine to come to work, if required by NASA to perform essential governmental functions. Should you have further questions or concerns about essential travel or mandatory quarantine following travel, please contact your supervisor. Contractors should consult with their contract management regarding any questions about travel-related quarantines.

Please continue taking care of yourselves, your loved ones, one another, and our community.