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March 13 – Update: Ames Telework Status to Change on March 18

Safety continues to be the highest priority and the focus of leadership’s immediate work to limit the transmission of COVID-19 at NASA’s Ames Research Center. 

Notification of any personnel at Ames who may have come into contact with the employee who tested positive for COVID-19 is nearing completion, and to date, no new cases or suspected cases have been found. The center is taking extensive precautions to ensure the facilities have been assessed, cleaned and inspected in accordance with CDC guidelines.  

Due to the increasing number of confirmed cases in Santa Clara County and the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area region, Ames will remain on a mandatory telework status, with restricted access until March 18.  

However, at this time, we are planning to change the center status to “mandatory telework for all employees who are able to telework” starting on Wednesday, March 18. This means facilities and laboratories at the center may be accessed by employees who are not able to effectively telework and whose physical presence at the center is required to conduct work. Validation and approval of employees to work on center will be required at the supervisor level, in consultation with the relevant programmatic sponsor of the work. 

In addition, personnel on telework status will be allowed access to the center for short durations to retrieve equipment or materials needed to continue productive telework.  

Please coordinate required center access through your supervisor. 

Please ensure your emergency contact information is current. If needed contact your supervisor for further instructions.  

The center status could change at any time. We will keep you informed and send any additional center status changes through centerwide messages, ARCSOS and the Employee Notification System.