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🟢 Open: COVID-19
Community Level - Low (Green)

June 23 – Update: Use of Face Coverings Required at Ames

COVID-19 cases for our center remain relatively low, and that is attributed greatly to all of us doing our part by following agency, federal, state, and local guidelines. However, communities across the country are seeing increases in cases.  

All employees approved to return to on-site work are required to wear a face covering.  

Appropriate face coverings include: 

  • surgical masks 
  • cloth face coverings that are made to be attached to your head and face 

Unacceptable face coverings include:  

  • bandannas 
  • towels
  • handkerchiefs

The only exceptions for wearing a face covering while on-site are:  

  • working alone in a single office 
  • eating or drinking while maintaining a separation of six feet or more from others 
  • exercising outdoors while maintaining six feet separation

Those not wearing a face covering upon arriving at the Mark Gate will not be permitted on-site. If, while on-site, you are not wearing a face covering (as outlined in the above guidance), this will be viewed as a safety violation and addressed accordingly.   

Whether we are on- or off-site, COVID-19 safety is everyone’s responsibility. As we have seen the last couple of weeks, the trajectory of conditions in our local communities is very concerning. It is important that we all follow the health and safety guidelines.  

Please continue to wear a mask or face covering when in public places, maintain social distancing of six feet or more, wash your hands frequently, and adhere to all the regulations for public health and safety.