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🟢 Open: COVID-19
Community Level - Low (Green)

Facility/Service Updates

Moffett Field Facilities/Services Statuses During COVID-19 Response

In response to the COVID-19 situation and in alignment with local county orders, many facilities and services at Moffett Field have adjusted schedules or closures. The following lists indicate the current status of commonly used facilities and services.  


The following facilities and services are open for activities that are essential to protect life and critical infrastructure: 

  • Badging office 
  • Fire Department (Bldg. 580)  
  • Menlo Survey Federal Credit Union (Bldg. 3)  
  • Moffett Field Commissary 
  • Moffett Federal Airfield 
  • Moffett Housing
  • Navy Lodge Moffett Field
  • Post Office
  • Protective Services


The following facilities and services are available, but staff is teleworking, or they are open for activities that are essential to protect life and critical infrastructure, but with limited hours of operation and/or limited services.  

  • Airfield Operations: on call
  • ARC Travel Office: online only
  • Educator Resource Center: all training online only 
  • Facility trouble calls: open for emergency repairs  
  • Health Unit: open with limited staff 
  • Information technology: contact the Enterprise Services Desk (ESD) at 1-877-677-2123   
  • Key office: open for emergencies only  
  • NASA Exchange Lodge: services are limited, as no staff is on site
  • NASA Research Park 
  • News and entertainment requests and media relations: contact 
  • Office of Communications: teleworking; contact ASAP for all news that could be of significant interest to the public or media
  • Shipping and receiving (N255): open for receiving mail and shipments, but not delivering; staging in the warehouse 
  • Speakers Bureau/public engagement events: not fulfilling requests before May 
  • Tee Minus One Bar and Grill: open 10 a.m.-2 p.m., take-out only  
  • Vehicle operations and motor pool (N251): closed onsite; can work with contract staff onsite to coordinate any urgent requests   


The following facilities and services are closed/suspended until further notice. 

  • Ames Child Care Center
  • Ames Exploration Encounter (N226)  
  • Ames Research Library (N239) 
  • ARC Park 
  • Associated Industries for the Blind (AIB) (N255) 
  • Basketball court  
  • Chapel 
  • Chase Park 
  • Documentation services (N220) 
  • Dog park 
  • Fitness Center 
  • Gymnasium (Bldg. 002) 
  • Manufacturing Services  
  • Mega Bites Café 
  • Moffett Field Historical Society Museum 
  • Moon Mart 
  • NASA Ames Conference Center (Bldg. 3) 
  • NASA Ames Conference Center (Bldg. 152) 
  • NASA Ames Exchange clubs  
  • NASA Ames Exchange RV and Personal Vehicle Storage Lot 
  • NASA Gift Shop in Silicon Valley
  • Shuttle service  
  • Softball field  
  • SpaceBar  
  • SpaceShop  
  • Swim Center 
  • Syvertson Auditorium (N201)   
  • Technical library (N202) 
  • Tennis court 
  • The Golf Club at Moffett Field